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 Conferences/ Seminars

Academic Writing Online Seminar on April 26th, 2024 Dr.Srividya Natarajan click here for more details

Colloquy on 'Ambedkar' on 12th April 2024 click here

Weekly Seminar on Lokayata Darsana by Prof.Pradeep Gokhale

 Weekly Seminar March 13th, 2024 seminar flyer

PhD Orientation 2024 and Seminar by Prof. Anil Gupta on 1st March, 2024, seminar flyer  , abstract

Two-Day International Seminar on Feminism Gaze seminar flyer; Gaze conference schedule 

Workshop on Curriculum, Pedagogy and Quality Assurance click here for details

The Fourth Ramashray Memorial Lecture by Prof. Gopal Guru on Friday, 9th February, 2024 at 2.00 pm, Room 22, Arts Faculty conference flyer

Link to  "Does Generative AI Make Art?" by Ritwik Agarwal,

Seminar "Does Generative AI Make Art?" on 12th January 2024. Conference Flyer

Link to "Liberalism and Identity" Seminar

Seminar on Liberalism and Identity on 20th December,2023   Conference Flyer

Seminar on Gandhi , 19th December, 2023 conference flyer

Celebration of World Philosophy Day on 11th Dec 2023 click here